Why consult with us? Quite frankly, we’ve been there.

We know firsthand the issues, constraints and pressures that you face in terms of staff, technology and budgets, in addition to the goals and needs of today’s call centers. We keep our knowledge of what works and what doesn’t up-to-date by staying abreast with the latest developments and using our call centers as ‘living labs’.


Why outsource to us?

We’ve been doing this since 2009, helping renowned companies outsource more than 15,000 positions worldwide. And we’re more than ready to pass to you what we’ve learned along the way, and across many levels of business: sales and marketing, customer care, technical support, transaction processing, finance and accounting.

Not to mention, with Lebanon as our outsourcing hub, we’re able to benefit from the country’s strategic geographic location, as well as utilize the skills of a trilingual workforce speaking English, French, and Arabic.

Contact us today and go from business-as-usual to business-as-extraordinary.